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  • Hay Fever In Warmer Months

    August 2016
    • Summer is a time of year many look forward to as we can go for picnics and country walks in the warmer weather.

    • But nearly 60% of sufferers (57%) say that hayfever can have a serious impact on their quality of life

    • With one in five sufferers (20%) saying their hay fever not only affects them, but also their family, friends, and loved ones.


    Whilst for some the warmer weather is something to look forward to, for hay fever sufferers it is a time of dread.

    In warmer months, nearly 60% of sufferers in the UK (57%) say that hayfever can have a serious impact on their quality of life with 40% of hay fever sufferers saying they dread going for walks in the park, over a third (35%) avoid going for picnics and buying flowers for the home and 31% dread family outings that involve being outdoors.

    But the impact of hay fever is not exclusive to the sufferer. As they avoid participating in outdoor activities and change their routine to limit exposure to pollen, family, friends and loved ones are also affected by the common allergy. One in five sufferers (20%) say they know that their hay fever has a wider impact on surrounding friends and family, as they too have to cope with their symptoms and routine change.

    When it comes to treating symptoms, the research conducted on behalf of the Stérimar range of allergy solutions inspired by nature, found that while 77% of people use medication to treat their symptoms, 56% said they would prefer a natural remedy instead. The main reasons for this being that sufferers thought that natural remedies are more gentle than medicated solutions (41%) and there are less risks of suffering from side effects when using natural remedies (38%).

    With over 60% (61%) of hay fever sufferers most affected in May and June, and two thirds of sufferers saying that the change in seasons is a serious worry for them, what can be done to help sufferers manage their symptoms from the office to the home and everywhere in between? 

    Dr Michael Rudenko, Allergy and Immunology expert and Medical Director at the London Allergy Clinic explains:

    “This research highlights what we see all the time from patients that come to see us in the clinic. While many people still do not think hayfever is a big deal, for sufferers, hayfever not only has a big impact on their lives over the summer months, but also on their families and loved ones. Managing symptoms of allergies to help reduce the effect they have on our lives takes persistence and planning and heading straight to your pharmacy and grabbing the medication with the biggest claims or most recognised name isn’t always going to be the best option for each individual. More natural solutions have come a long way, generally have no known side effects and can be very effective at helping to manage symptoms. This may also mean that many sufferers reduce or completely remove the need for medicated options which may come with side effects.”

    “Finding a routine and sticking to it is imperative. Start with prevention. Before leaving the house, use a sea water nasal spray like Stérimar Nasal hygiene to clean and clear any impurities or allergens from the nose and ensure it is in top working condition to filter the air we breath in effectively. Then use a barrier balm around your nostrils to help catch any pollen and allergens before they get into your body. You can re take this step throughout the day as directed by the instructions. If this alone is not enough, try using an antihistamine as well, but ensure you use a non drowsy one.”

    If symptoms strike, or on a day of particularly high pollen count, use Stérimar Stop & Protect Allergy Response, an effective treatment inspired by nature. This product will not only relieve symptoms fast with no known side effects but it forms an invisible barrier on the nasal lining to help protect from further allergen attacks. At this point, if symptoms persist I would recommend talking to a healthcare professional about what treatments could work best for you. Medicated options or steroid nasal sprays can have some longer term effects if used for prolonged periods of time so it is best to seek advice to help you make an informed decision.”

    The research was commissioned by Stérimar hayfever range, which offers products of natural origin that are scientifically proven and recommended by professionals to prevent and relieve symptoms associated with hayfever without the risk of side effects associated with some medicated options.