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  • Stérimar helps me enjoy the summer!! Stops my sneeze, stops my wheeze and makes going in the great outdoors a total breeze!

    Louise Blackwell, July 2016
    • STÉRIMARTM effectively relieves symptoms without the compromise of steroids, drugs and preservatives that can be found in other more medicated products.

      Our 100% natural, purified seawater based nasal sprays are completely drug and preservative free. This means that the STÉRIMARTM product range offers nasal solutions for everyone, even babies* and pregnant women or breastfeeding mothers.

      *STÉRIMARTM Baby can be used from birth and STÉRIMARTM Kids can be used from 3 months. STÉRIMARTM Hayfever & Allergies, Congestion Relief and Stop &Protect range can be used from 3 years &up.

    • Over 40 years of expertise in nasal health.

      STÉRIMARTM has a strong heritage in providing natural based remedies for nasal conditions and is the UK’s No.1 recommended non-medicated nasal spray brand*. Using the expertise of healthcare professionals and early childhood specialists, STÉRIMARTM range of solutions has been developed to effectively prevent or treat nasal conditions associated with allergies, congestion and blocked noses when most needed. The STÉRIMARTM range is an effective solution trusted by many leading healthcare professionals in the UK, and used by millions around the world.

      *GPrX data: non-medicated nasal sprays, UK, from July 2019 to June 2020.

    • Pure sea water is rich in different salts, minerals and trace elements that are important for overall health and wellbeing.

      STÉRIMARTM solutions are inspired by nature and made from specially monitored sea water, found off the French coast of Brittany.