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  • Tips To Get Out In The Garden

    July 2016

    Get out and enjoy your garden! A Mother in London gives us her top tips for enjoying whatever you’ve got. 

    Gardens are a saviour when you have little kids. They are the perfect way to enjoy the outdoors without having to step a foot outside your home. Instead of heading to the local park, you can let the kids enjoy fresh air and outdoor play in the safety of their own home.

    My boys have loved playing in our garden over the years. Our garden isn't big but it is enough. Here are a few tips for making your outdoor space more child friendly –

    • Growing fruits and vegetables - Encouraging children to plant, care for and finally harvest fruits and vegetables has got to be ones of life little pleasures. The joy on their little faces as they pick tomatoes straight from the plant is just wonderful. In our garden my father has put together a raised vegetable patch where we grow mint, chives, tomatoes and broad beans.

    • Get kids involved in gardening - I normally mow the lawn but then the boys put on their gardening gloves and help in the clear up. They love collecting leaves and any grass cuttings. Then the most fun is had watering the flowers and plants.

    • Enjoy eating outside - Children love picnics! If you don't have time to picnic in the park just get a nice picnic blanket, lay it out on the lawn in your garden. Snacks like crisps, carrots, tomatoes are the perfect way for kids to sit and enjoy eating outdoors. Not too many sweet snacks is a better option as they attract bees.

    • Give children responsibility - My boys feel so proud when they have responsibilities.  Buy a pot, add some soil and a flower plant. Each child can have his or her own pot. The pot can be painted. Then the child is responsible for looking after and watering their plants.

    Gardens are there to be enjoyed, when the sun comes out open the doors and let your little ones explore and enjoy the great outdoors!

    Gardening with the kids