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  • Stérimar is the only thing I have used that actually helps with nasal congestion. I would recommend it to anyone suffering from a cold.

    Amy Thomas, February 2016
    • How often should I use Stérimar?

      We recommend using Stérimar Isotonic and Stérimar Baby two to six times a day (or more) in each nostril for as long as you need it or as long as and as often as your doctor recommends.

      Stérimar Hypertonic is recommended for a short period. Use two to four times a day in each nostril for light congestion and up to six times a day for severe congestion.

    • Can Stérimar be used with other medication?

      Yes. Stérimar is drug-free and doesn’t contain preservatives so there is no known risk of interaction with any other medication. However, in all cases it is best to check with your doctor.

    • Am I likely to experience any irritation from using Stérimar?

      Stérimar Isotonic and Stérimar Baby are purified sea water solutions with the same concentration of salts as the cells in the human body. As such, irritation is highly unlikely. Stérimar Hypertonic has a higher salt content than Stérimar Isotonic but the solution is still less salty than sea water. A sensation of dryness may occur and should disappear within a few days.

      Always follow instructions and/or doctor's recommendations.

    • Can I use Stérimar if I am pregnant, diabetic or suffer from high blood pressure?

      Yes, Stérimar is completely safe to use with these conditions, but it is always a good idea to check with your doctor.

    • Can I use Stérimar for my three year old?

      Yes, Stérimar Isotonic is suitable for the whole of the family, even babies from 3 months old. Stérimar Hypertonic is suitable for all adults and children over three years of age and Stérimar Baby is a new part of the range and can be used with babies from birth to 3 years old.

    • Is the nozzle safe to use?

      Yes. The Stérimar nozzle has been specifically designed to fit any shape and size of nostrils.

      Stérimar Baby has a specific nozzle with a protective flange. The nozzle cannot be pushed too far into the nose to avoid any risks of injury.

    • How long will Stérimar keep?

      Stérimar products can be kept for a maximum of three years after manufacture or until all solution has been used. The expiry date can be found at the bottom of the can and carton. Each dose of Stérimar delivered is aseptic. The valve on top of the can prevents air from entering. Also, because the solution is kept in a sterilised pouch it never comes into contact with either the aluminium can or the non-flammable nitrogen gas within.

    • Why is it important to clean the nozzle after each use?

      You must clean the nozzle in soapy water to remove any microorganisms left after use to help avoid any cross-contamination.

    • What does micro-diffusion mean?

      The unique Stérimar micro-diffusion system produces a fine spray of sea water. As the droplets produced by Stérimar are microfine, they remain in contact with the walls of the nasal passages for longer, making Stérimar even more effective.

    • Why are the copper and manganese in Stérimar Hypertonic important?

      Copper and manganese are found in very small amounts in the human body. They stimulate the body’s self defense mechanisms and help keep it healthy.